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Finding a good designer for your business
can often be a tough challenge.

Like any other form of marketing, the customer's first impression is critical. From business cards to flyer campaigns to online and social media presence, companies are vying for your customers' attention at every turn.


Likewise, with so many IT consultancies around, what differentiates CustomMade?


With us, the clue's in the name - everything we do is 100% individual, developed for you from scratch. No boilerplate, no corners cut. We work with our clients to draw up a brief, refine it, then present ideas which are subsequently refined to produce the end result they want, not one which is 'almost' or 'near enough'.

A company's branding is as important as its name, and we work to ensure that, throughout any new projects or publications, that crucial brand image remains consistent and of a high quality, to ensure the 'stickiness' and increased customer recollection which, most importantly, is good for the bottom line.


What else separates us from our competitors? Primarily, our communication and client interaction. Communication is the most important aspect of any business, and we fully integrate this into how we do business, ensuring that nothing is left unsaid and the client is kept informed every step of the way.


We don't charge per 'unit' or per 'sheet', our prices are tailored to what our clients require. The communication begins from the moment someone emails us, and it doesn't stop even after the finished project is handed over... Just in case.


Contact us for details of projects we're working on and prior work. If you'd like to discuss what we can do for your business right now, get in touch.



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