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Are you struggling to maintain your IT? Turnover or productivity suffering?

CustomMade can help you.

Is your business in the music/film/entertainment sectors? CustomMade is pleased to offer you a range of discounted rates.

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Today even the smallest of businesses can easily own more than twenty computing devices: desktops, laptops, networking and security equipment, plus the ubiquitous smartphones, from the oldest Blackberries and Windows Mobile devices to the latest iOS and Androids... The list is endless. And with these increasing inventories comes an increasing demand for service, maintenance, upkeep and - most importantly - keeping them all secure and running smoothly.


As much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops. (IDC analyst Cynthia Doyle, Business Continuity in 2002: It's Not Business as Usual, April 2002) In the same year, surveys conducted found PCs to be infected at a rate of more than 10% each month. (ICSA Labs, 2002)

Since then, the world has seen numerous massive attacks on infrastructure, governments and enterprises - costing millions, even billions to clean up. Latterly, a greater focus on privacy (and penalties for mishandling personally identifying information) has brought large financial penalties to companies who have fallen victim to hackers.


Security services firm TruSecure found that, even back in 2001,

“...corporations were hit with a monthly average of 113 virus infections for every 1000 PCs they owned, according to the seventh annual survey of virus prevalence in the enterprise conducted by ICSA Labs, a division of security services firm TruSecure.”

“The most common effect of a virus infection, reported by 70 percent of respondents, was rendering a PC unavailable to the user, the study found. Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that viruses had cost productivity, while 37 percent reported loss of data due to viruses.”

Time has not diminished the importance of these statistics - viruses, improperly-configured machines or networking equipment and other associated problems are the root causes for the majority of businesses' IT downtime. With more and more employees relying on computers to perform their daily duties, the percentage of users potentially affected has dramatically increased - this is why CustomMade has tailored a variety of solutions specifically to the needs of today's businesses.


Small businesses are particularly hard hit when their IT infrastructure develops problems, and often these problems can be quite tricky to resolve. So, we ensure sure that we come fully prepared for the majority of most situations, and we can react quickly to any unique situations which may require further investigation.

From small, single or several-machine configurations to entire networks of machines across various subnets with dedicated servers and other hardware, we can handle it for you - ensuring that your infrastructure is secure, robust enough to withstand future attempts of disruption by malicious software (and users!), and we also perform any routine maintenance and security updates as a matter of course.

We are also happy to liaise with service providers to resolve frustrating, commonplace issues (examples include dealing with ISPs and telcos to resolve line faults / misprovisioned services / chase up existing outstanding issues). We are knowledgeable and experienced in talking to service providers, and we speak their language - cutting down on the time needed to explain a problem and allowing it to be resolved far more quickly.


More importantly than anything else, CustomMade also understands the importance of fast turnaround for business, which is why we offer a range of evening and weekend callout services, priced per day and per engineer, which will ensure that your infrastructure is ready to help make you money come the start of trading. We can also provide you with ongoing support over a period of months or years, bringing with it its own discount on the service price.

Contact us for more information or to request our services for your business.


On-site support and maintenance is readily available in the North West
and Wiltshire areas - further afield on request.


Our fixed price service list is below, or you can enquire about personalised solutions.


CustomMade Fixed Price Services

CustomMade Business IT Support & Consultancy
We offer a variety of consultancy and support packages; you can subscribe on a monthly basis for guaranteed support across a variety of issues, or you can approach us on a one-off basis.

This support is conducted via email or instant messenger after payment is received.
Alternatively, we offer support via Skype (via Skype Prime), where you pay per minute.
Remote Support
£30 per hour
Via email, IM or Google Hangouts
For when you're stuck and need help! Payment in advance via PayPal or BACS/IBAN.
Interactive Remote Support
Via Teamviewer/VNC/Remote Desktop
Price agreed individually. We offer a selection of realtime support and consultancy during evenings and weekends through various services. Payment via BACS, IBAN or PayPal.

Contact us directly if you wish to personalise this package.



CustomMade OnSite Business IT Support & Consultancy
From networking to device repair, we can tackle anything and everything. Our OnSite service provides businesses with simple, flat-fee services for an entire weekend's work or a fixed amount of hours each calendar month.

Our competent technicians will listen to your problems, work with you to devise and implement solutions and keep you informed at every step - your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we always aim to please.

Readily available in the North West region, further afield on request.
OnSite Evening
£200 for five hours, after 6:30 pm
Our base package
No travel costs or expenses within 4 miles of Central Manchester.

If you know your problem can be solved in less than a day, this is an ideal option.
Advance booking required.
OnSite Complete
£700 per day (10am-7pm)
An ideal choice for complex support
No travel costs or expenses within 10 miles of Central Manchester.

If you have a problem but you're not sure how complex it is, choose this. We'll come to your business, draw up a detailed plan of action and advise you then and there.

Package includes 12hrs per day including travel time; overtime is billed at 60/hr. Mileage outside of the inclusive area is billed at our standard rate of 50p/mile and £30/hr.

OnSite Monthly

£1200 per month
Diverse install base? 3 dedicated days (3x8 hours) of support per month

Retainer packages and discounts for media and entertainment companies available, enquire for details!
No travel costs or expenses within 10 miles of Central Manchester.

This package is perfect for those with IT infrastructure in multiple locations - we can travel, maintain and report back to you to ensure the smooth running of mission-critical systems.

Alternatively, if you don't have an urgent requirement for technical support, but still want to keep your business infrastructure in tip-top condition, this is your best choice. We come in on evenings or weekends, perform any required maintenance or updates, plus any other tasks, all outside office hours, helping to keep your business going.

Package includes 12hrs per calendar month including travel time; overtime is billed at £60/hr. Mileage outside of the inclusive area is billed at our standard rate of 50p/mile and £30/hr.

Contact CustomMade directly if you wish to personalise any of these packages further.

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