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How many online devices do you have?

Struggling to keep them all secure
and running smoothly? We can help.

More and more families are becoming multiple-device households. A laptop, smartphone and tablet in the child's bedroom, more in the study or lounge... Maybe even streaming boxes or media PCs under the TV.


However, with the increasing ubiquity of computers comes another problem - not everybody's a PC expert, and you can often find your fairly new machine suddenly running a bit slower... Taking a few more minutes to load... Infected with a virus...


Suddenly one day, you've lost half of your files, your email is a bit 'wonky' and there's these popups or threatening email demands that just won't go away, whatever you try.


This is where we step in: CustomMade's very own on-call geeks. Geeks were once the butt of many a joke... Today however, the geek is king. With the increasing emergence of computers and ever more complex electronic devices, there's no better time than now to be one. We take pride in our geek status.


So, if you ever have a problem with any of your computers, get in touch with us. We can offer you personalised, in-depth support to ensure that whatever problems you're having, you'll soon be up and running smoothly. Got spyware? No problem. Computer kicking up a strange error? We can help. Driver problems? We'll do our utmost to resolve them for you.


And, if you live in the North-West, you can also benefit from our fixed price, home IT support service (great if you have more complex issues).


You can rest assured knowing that once we're on the case, all your problems will be resolved as a matter of urgency. With over a decade of experience in building, installing, repairing and configuring PCs of all shapes and sizes, setting up wired or wireless networks and even providing professional security audits for your machines, CustomMade offers a broad range of personalised solutions.


Our fixed price service list is below, or you can enquire about personalised solutions.


CustomMade Fixed Price Services

CustomMade Home IT Support & Consultancy
We offer a variety of consultancy and support packages; you can subscribe on a monthly basis for guaranteed support across a variety of issues, or you can approach us on a one-off basis.

This support is conducted via email or instant messenger after payment is received.
Alternatively, we offer support via Skype (via Skype Prime), where you pay per minute.
Remote Support
£15 per hour
Via email, IM and remote desktop
Payment must be received before support will be provided. We use PayPal as our payment processor, and accept all forms of payment.
Remote Support
From £25 per hour
Via via VNC/LogMeIn/Teamviewer
We offer a selection of realtime support and consultancy during evenings and weekends through Skype. You can pay in advance directly through PayPal.

Contact us directly if you wish to personalise this package.



CustomMade HouseCall Home IT Support & Consultancy
We come to yours! Any problems you have, we're equipped to deal with them. We can also help with
setting up digital TV receivers, TVs, audio equipment or consoles, and explain what we're doing.
We are enhanced CRB checked for further peace of mind and adhere to IT industry codes of conduct.

Readily available in the North West; further afield by request. The best time to book a
HouseCall is on weekends, weekday service is currently extremely limited and by advance arrangement only.
£70: 2 hrs, £120: 4 hrs,
£200: 7 hrs, £280: 10 hrs
Our most popular service
Including travel and expenses
within 10 miles of central Manchester.

The best solution if you have more than one PC, Mac or smart device that needs checking out.

HouseCall Select

£35 per hour
The a la carte option!
Including travel and expenses
within 5 miles of central Manchester.

If you have a problem but you're not sure how complex it is, choose this. We'll come to your house, check your machine out and advise you then and there. If the problem would take more than 4 hours to fix, we would offer to switch your call to the fixed fee service.

Mileage outside of this area is charged at our standard 50p/mile and £20/hr.

HouseCall Weekend

£400 (16 hours over 2 days)
Dedicated technical support, all weekend!
Including travel and expenses
within 10 miles of central Manchester.

A professional, weekend-long service in your home, offering repairs, maintenance, upgrades, security auditing... Even tutorials or demonstrations are available if you
need any guidance - we're happy to accommodate all requests.

Mileage outside of this area is charged at our standard 50p/mile and £20/hr.

Contact us directly if you wish to personalise any of these packages further.



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