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Fed up with impersonal tech 'support'?
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Ask us.

The first rule of business? It's hard work. From your small/home enterprise to large organisations with many offices, no two setups are ever the same. And, whilst the biggest business can afford 24/7/365 on-call support from their contractors or a dedicated in-house design team, not everyone can afford such luxuries.

But still, when something does go wrong (and it invariably will), or something was needed yesterday, those support calls can be quite expensive. That is, until now...


CustomMade was born to solve this problem by offering computing, design and consultancy solutions from people who understand that nothing has one possible approach - sometimes that round peg just won't fit through the square hole. If you have a problem and you need it solved, give us a call. We're different: we don't just work for you, we work with you to devise the most effective solution that's at once cost-effective and extensible, then we implement it in a timeframe to suit you.


Why do we do this? Well, the most successful businesses understand that support and service is as crucial to their existence as a good sales pitch, which is why the best companies offer the best support. Companies like Rackspace, for example - their Fanatical Support™, combined with great products, is what helps them keep ahead.

CustomMade's mantra is similar, but we do one thing differently - we provide the best quality service, but we don't demand the associated premium prices.

Interested now?


Oh, and by the way...

We don't just cater to businesses - we've provided tailored services and support to home users for many years. We're equally capable of solving just about any problem a home user might have, and CustomMade's offerings are more flexible and more affordable than the big retail stores' services (walk into a PC World store, or visit their web site, and see how much TheTechGuys charge for their home callout service!) With great value offerings for home callouts and personalised support, getting a CustomMade solution is the obvious choice.

Send us an email to find out what we can do for you,
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... because if you can get a CustomMade solution, why settle for less?



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